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Here's what we recommend for your auto coverage:


Here's the coverage you need to protect your home:

These are must-haves for every homeowner:

Extended Replacement cost of at least 25%

Home repairs and rebuilds can often run over schedule, especially if there have been losses to other homes in the immediate area. This coverage helps to make sure that the repairs will be finished prior to standard coverage running out.

Replacement cost on personal property

A typical home insurance policy will only cover the "actual cash value" of your belongings, and there is often a very large gap between the cash value, and the cost of actually replacing those belongings. Think about what you would be able to sell your closet full of clothes for on the open market versus what it cost to acquire that wardrobe.

Personal Injury Coverage

This inexpensive endorsement covers you for a multitude of items which are not included on a typical home policy - such as slander, defamation, false arrest, and wrongful eviction or entry. This is a recommended addition which helps to round out your insurance plan.

Deductibles that you can comfortably afford

Deductibles have a large effect on the pricing of your home insurance policy. Choosing the highest deductible that you can comfortably afford to pay in the case of a loss will provide a great balance of coverage and affordability.

Your licensed home insurance agent will help to guide you in choosing the right coverage amount for your home, considering a number of factors such as geographic location, building materials, and the age of your home.

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