When is the right time to buy an RV?

An RV allows you to take the comfort of home out on the open road. If you’re interested in purchasing an RV, you may wonder when’s the right time to begin this process. Choosing the right time can impact your overall experience, since particular seasons may allow you to receive better deals or have more options while shopping. 

While there’s no definitive perfect time to buy an RV, there are several factors to take into account when making your decision. You’ll want to consider peak shopping season, periods of higher gas prices, dealership specials and your family’s financial position. In this article, we’ll offer tips to help you find the right time to purchase an RV so you make a decision that’s right for your budget and lifestyle.

Consider Off-Peak Season

Seasonal discounts and availability can play a significant role in the timing of your RV purchase. The off-season is typically in the late fall and winter, so you may be more likely to find better prices and a wider selection at the dealerships during this time. With fewer sales, dealerships may be eager to clear their inventory during these months, allowing you to have more negotiating power. However, specific travel plans and destinations you have in mind are key consideration points, as you’ll want to account for the weather and road conditions during the season you plan to use your new RV the most. This is especially true if you plan on using it during the winter months when the vehicle might require more care.

Buy When There’s an Increase in Gas Prices

Whether a motorhome or a travel trailer, RVs require a lot of gas, so there may be a lull in RV purchases when gas prices soar. If you’re looking to buy a used RV, this is also an ideal time to search, since families may decide they can no longer afford their vehicles when gas prices rise. This means you can use high gas prices to your advantage to find better deals and you may have more success when negotiating the cost of an RV. Dealerships may also be more willing to offer additional incentives to increase sales and offset their slower seasons.

Shop When a New Model Is Released

Manufacturers typically release new RV models at the beginning of the year (January, February, March) so dealerships may need to make room on their lots for new models. This means that with the release of new models, dealerships may be eager to clear out their inventory and offer special promotions or incentives. Manufacturers may also run special deals or incentives to attract buyers to previous model years, including discounted prices, upgraded features or extended warranties.

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