Tornado Insurance: How to Prepare for Tornado Season

A tornado can be seen forming behind a house that is protected with home insurance through SelectQuote

The reason we purchase insurance is to be prepared for the unexpected. What’s often unexpected, but important to be prepared for, is a tornado. Making sure you have enough home insurance and car insurance coverage is a great way to make sure you’re prepared if this natural disaster were to occur. Here’s a guide to help you understand insurance coverage for tornado damage. 

What is tornado insurance? 

Tornadoes are generally covered by homeowners insurance policies and don’t require a separate form of coverage like floods or hurricanes would. Still, you will want to make sure that you have sufficient coverage if a tornado were to come close to your home. Not only will you want to make sure you have enough coverage for the structure of your home and for your belongings, but you’ll also want to consider the possibility of temporary housing expenses. 

Does home insurance cover tornado damage?

In most home insurance policies, you would be covered if your house was damaged by a tornado. Unlike earthquakes or flooding, tornadoes don’t require an additional form of coverage. However, it does highlight the importance of the other portions of your home insurance coverage. Your personal property coverage is an important protection for your personal belongings in case they were lost or damaged during a tornado. 

Creating a home inventory is a great way to make sure you have enough personal property coverage so you can easily recoup or replace your belongings. 

Does car insurance cover tornado damage?

The comprehensive portion of your auto insurance coverage would typically cover your car if it was damaged by a tornado. Comprehensive coverage provides coverage for damage to your car from an event that was out of your control—including tornadoes. Comprehensive coverage is typically a must-have for all car owners. 

Does renters insurance cover tornado damage?

While your landlord will have a policy to protect the structure of your home or apartment, your personal belongings would not be covered. That’s where your renters insurance would come in. Many renters insurance policies include coverage for wind damage, like tornadoes, and you shouldn’t have to purchase a separate policy. Your renters insurance policy should provide coverage for any personal belongings that were lost or damaged as a result of a tornado. 

Prepare for Tornado Season by Letting SelectQuote Shop Tornado Insurance For You

It’s important to make sure you have adequate coverage for unexpected events such as a tornado. Choosing the right amount of auto insurance or home insurance can be time consuming and complex, but we make it quick and easy. We can help you understand everything that is or isn’t included in your options for coverage and decide what policy and how much coverage is best for both your needs and your budget.

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