Three Steps to Handle a Fender Bender

A few simple steps to handling a fender bender for you car insurance

Fender benders are unfortunately more common than we’d like, and even with minor accidents, it can be hard to remember what to do next. Here are a few tips on how to handle a fender bender and your car insurance.

  1. Document the Crash

    No matter the severity of a crash, be sure to take photos of both your car and the other car(s) involved to document any signs of damage. It can also be helpful to take pictures of the location of the accident.

  2. Exchange Information

    It’s important to make sure you get the other driver’s name, phone number, insurance company and license plate number after an accident, especially if the police aren’t involved. The more information you have the better, as this will ensure accuracy when filing the car insurance claim.

  3. Contact Your Car Insurance Agent

    You’ll want to contact your auto insurance agent to understand your options and make the best decision for your situation. They should be able to answer any questions you have and assist you in next steps.

It’s Important to Call Your Car Insurance Company No Matter What

Even if there is no damage or you were not at fault, it’s important to call your car insurance company in the event of an accident. If there’s no record of the accident, the other driver can end up reporting injury or damage that you could end up liable for. You also may discover damage later on that you didn’t notice at the scene. 

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