Re-Shopping Your Auto Insurance Could Lead to Big Savings

A SelectQuote customer is protected with affordable car insurance after re-shopping their auto insurance this year

Auto insurance rates are determined by a number of factors, causing them to fluctuate or vary drastically. While it may seem easy to just keep your current auto insurance coverage with the same carrier, there’s a chance you could be overpaying for your policy. Learn why taking the time to re-shop your auto insurance each year could lead to significant savings.

Reasons to Re-Shop Your Auto Insurance Annually

Auto insurance rates change quite frequently, so re-shopping at least once a year is a good way to make sure you have the best available rate for you. Good reasons to re-shop your auto insurance include:

  • Significant life event: Getting married, moving or getting a new job are all reasons to evaluate your auto insurance coverage.
  • Improved driving record: If you had a traffic violation on your driving record at the time you purchased your policy, you’ll want to re-shop your rates once that traffic violation has expired from your record.
  • Improved credit score: You could benefit from discounts or better rates if your credit score is in good or great standing.
  • New car: If data shows that drivers with your model vehicle have been in more accidents or filed more claims, there could be a chance your rates could be higher. Getting a new car is a great time to shop around and compare the rates of multiple carriers.

SelectQuote Helps Our Shoppers Save Money on Auto Insurance

There are so many options for car insurance out there, so trying to find coverage at the right price can seem daunting. The easiest way to find the best car insurance for you is to shop around. At SelectQuote, we can take the hassle out of the process and can compare coverage and rates from some of the most trusted insurance carriers for you in just minutes.

How to Shop for Auto Insurance

Before you start shopping for your auto insurance policy, take the time to understand the types of auto insurance coverage and how much coverage you need. Our auto coverage quiz can help give you an idea of how much coverage might be right for you. You’ll also want to have some basic information on hand before you start shopping, such as:

  • Driver name and date of birth
  • Driver’s license number
  • Vehicle Information Number (VIN)
  • Current mileage on your car
  • Address where the vehicle is registered
  • Prior insurance carrier
  • Vehicle’s date of purchase

As you go through the process, you’ll answer a number of questions to help determine your auto insurance premium and potential discounts. It’s helpful to have a list of your own questions prepared, and to have your current policy on hand so you can easily compare costs and coverages.

Save Even More Money by Bundling Your Auto Insurance

Bundling insurance, which is going through the same carrier for more than one type of insurance, is one of the easiest ways to save money on auto insurance. Whether you need home insurance coverage or have another mode of transportation to insure, bundling multiple policies will typically save you money.

Re-Shop Your Auto Insurance with SelectQuote Today

There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to auto insurance, so it can seem like quite the task to re-shop your auto insurance. At SelectQuote, we’ll shop some of the nation’s most trusted carriers on your behalf and compare prices and coverage in just minutes. We can also answer any questions you have and find opportunities to try and save you money.

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