What is the make and model of a car?

What does the make and model of a car mean?

When shopping for a new vehicle, you’ve probably heard the terms “car make and model,” but what’s the difference? Understanding the difference between a car’s make and model can help you make informed decisions about your car, whether during the purchasing process, performing maintenance or selecting car insurance. In this article, we’ll walk you through the differences between a car’s make and model and share how these categories impact your auto insurance.

What is a car’s make?

The car make simply refers to the manufacturer of the vehicle. Some common examples are Ford, Chevy, Kia, Toyota, Jeep, GMC, Mazda or Volvo. Knowing the vehicle make helps quickly define who produced the car, which is useful information for car owners. It’s also important information when you’re looking to purchase a car, since specific manufacturers may produce vehicles that suit your needs better than others.

What is a car’s model?

The car model is the name given to a specific vehicle within the manufacturer’s lineup. For example, if you own a Toyota Camry, “Camry” refers to the model. The vehicle model can sometimes be confusing to determine, since many manufacturers offer similar models that are only differentiated by a series of letters and numbers, such as BMW SUV models X1 through X7.

What does a car trim mean?

The car trim refers to the specific features of a vehicle model, including materials, engine size and aesthetics. Many popular cars have different trim options. For example, a 2022 Toyota Camry has thirteen trim options that vary in engine type, appearance and internal features like sound system and display. Think of the vehicle trim as a more specific categorization of the car’s model.

Why Make and Model Matters

You may be wondering why make and model matter when you’re making decisions about your vehicle. Make, model and trim all affect the cost of a vehicle and the cost of insurance. For example, a minivan would likely have lower insurance rates than a vehicle designed for adventurous activities like off-roading. More expensive models will impact insurance rates, as well. Also, a make and model that has higher-than-average involvement in auto insurance claims will typically have higher insurance rates, since carriers will consider it more risky to insure.

Other factors, like the age of the car, location, usage and the primary driver’s age can also have an impact on your insurance rate. For example, new drivers often have higher accident rates, so a teen driver may be more expensive to insure. Knowing your make and model is an important piece of information when making decisions about your car and your auto insurance.

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