Hurricane Season: Homeowners Insurance and Auto Insurance Coverage

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Hurricane season takes place from June to November every year, and a good way to prepare for an upcoming hurricane season is to review your home and auto insurance policies to make sure you have sufficient coverage in the event you’re hit by a destructive storm. Here’s what to know about hurricanes and your home and auto insurance.

Does homeowners insurance cover hurricane damage?

A standard home insurance policy should provide coverage for wind damage, which is one of the biggest risks of a hurricane. Depending on where you live, though, a wind or special hurricane deductible could apply. Water damage from a hurricane may be covered as well, unless the insurance carrier classifies it as damage from flooding, which would likely require a separate policy.

Does flood insurance cover hurricane damage?

If a hurricane causes flooding in your house, your home insurance policy may not provide coverage. That’s where flood insurance comes in. Flood insurance provides coverage for any damage that’s a result from any water that enters from the ground.

How to Prepare for a Hurricane: Insurance Tips for Homeowners

As you approach hurricane season, a simple way to gain peace of mind is to reevaluate your homeowners insurance policy.

Make Sure You Have Sufficient Homeowners Insurance Coverage

You should take the time to understand the coverage under your home insurance policy to know what to expect in the event of a hurricane. If you have a hurricane deductible, you’ll want to make sure you know the hurricane provisions and when exactly the hurricane deductible kicks in.

Understand Hurricane/Windstorm Deductible

When you finalize your home insurance policy limits, you may be given the option to choose a hurricane deductible amount. The hurricane deductible is typically a percentage of your dwelling coverage. States on the Atlantic coast allow insurers to have special deductibles for hurricane damage, but some dates and insurers may give the option to pay higher premiums in exchange for a lower, fixed-price deductible.

You also have the option to leave the deductible off the policy entirely to avoid more expensive premiums. However, if you bypass the hurricane deductible, your insurance carrier won’t reimburse you for damage caused by hurricane winds.

How much does hurricane insurance cost?

The cost of hurricane insurance depends on the insurer and where you live, as well as whether you have a separate wind damage policy or separate flood insurance coverage. If you live in a hurricane prone state, your rates may be significantly higher for wind and flood coverage.

Does car insurance cover hurricane damage?

Collision and comprehensive auto insurance should cover damage from a hurricane. For example, if your car was damaged from debris, your comprehensive coverage should help cover repairs. If you were to get in an accident during a heavy rain, your collision coverage should then help pay for repairs.

Does car insurance cover flood damage?

Car insurance will likely cover flood damage as long as you have comprehensive coverage. A comprehensive plan covers damage to your car from an event that’s out of your control, such as a natural disaster, theft, vandalism, or other unpredictable events.

What To Do If Your Car Floods

If you find that your car has been flooded after a storm, do not attempt to start it. You can use a wet vacuum to remove any standing water and towels to absorb water in the cushions and seats. You’ll also want to get in contact with your car insurance carrier to get the claim process started. There is a chance your car can be saved after flooding, but your insurance carrier will weigh the costs to repair the vehicle against the cost of replacing it.

Make Sure Your Home and Car Are Protected from Hurricane Damage with SelectQuote

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