7 Things Your Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Standing water collects and floods outside of a home

When you purchase a home insurance policy, you may be surprised about the exclusions in your coverage. It’s important to be aware of said exclusions so you’re not left without coverage when you find unexpected damage to your home. If you already have a home insurance policy or are buying one for the first time, here are seven things that your home insurance policy likely doesn’t cover.

  1. Earthquakes

    A common natural disaster in the United States, earthquakes are typically not covered under homeowners insurance policies. In most instances, you’ll need a separate policy for earthquake coverage, especially if you live in a high-risk area.

  2. Damage from Negligence or Lack of Maintenance

    Your home insurance policy provides coverage for things you can’t control, not the things you can. If you end up having damage from negligence, wear and tear, or lack of maintenance, your homeowners insurance policy won’t typically offer reimbursement.

  3. Sewer Backup

    Under a typical home insurance policy, a faulty sewage system most likely won’t be covered. Sewage problems can cause major damage to floors, furniture, belongings and your home, and it can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Many carriers will offer coverage for sewer backup as an add-on form of coverage to your home insurance policy.

  4. Certain Dog Breeds

    There are certain breeds of dogs that are considered “high-risk” breeds. Any damage to your home from your dog is typically covered unless your dog is among those considered “high-risk” or has a history of biting.

  5. Very Expensive Jewelry

    The personal property coverage portion of your home insurance policy will provide coverage for belongings such as furniture, clothing, sporting goods or electronics in the event of a covered loss. However, super expensive jewelry such as an engagement ring or family heirloom will likely not be reimbursed under your standard policy. To protect your more expensive pieces, you’ll want to purchase additional coverage on top of your standard home insurance policy.

  6. Mold

    Mold caused by wear and tear, long-term leakage, floods or poor home maintenance typically won’t be covered by your home insurance policy. The instance in which it would be covered is if it’s a result of damage from a covered peril.

  7. Plumbing Issues

    Gradual damage to plumbing that’s from, for example, a leaky pipe or a crack in your home’s foundation, may not be covered under a standard home insurance policy. Any gradual damage or wear and tear, however, is often excluded from home insurance policies.

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