Does homeowners insurance cover sewer line replacement or repair?

Part of being a homeowner is preparing for unexpected emergencies and expenses. Damage to your sewer line is, unfortunately, a common issue you may encounter as a homeowner. If your sewer line needs a repair or replacement, you may be wondering if it will be covered by home insurance.

The short answer is yes, homeowners insurance will cover a damaged sewer line, but only if the line is on your property and if the damage occurs under certain circumstances. In this article, we’ll help you understand how home insurance coverage works for sewer line damage and what you can expect to pay for a repair or replacement.

When does homeowners insurance cover sewer line repair?

In most cases, home insurance will cover sewer line damage from specific events. This includes extreme weather (excluding earthquakes and floods), vandalism, fire, and damage from vehicles or falling objects. For homeowners insurance to cover the damage, these events must be unexpected and out of your control, and the damaged sewer line must also be within your property lines. If the damage is covered by homeowners insurance, your policy will help pay for expenses like finding and repairing the damaged line and the cost of excavation and labor.

When is sewer line repair not covered by homeowners insurance?

There are some instances when homeowners insurance won’t cover sewer line repair. Most standard home insurance policies typically will not cover damage to sewer lines from the following: 

  • Poor construction or upkeep
  • Tree roots that have grown into and damaged the line(s) 
  • Pets
  • Wear and tear (such as damage caused by clogged drains) 

If you want broader protection against sewer line damage, you can purchase additional coverage, such as service line coverage (also known as buried utility coverage). Most service line policies will allow for up to $10,000 in coverage after deductible. In addition to helping cover the costs of excavating, repairing and replacing the line, service line coverage may also help pay for the cost of restoring any landscaping that was damaged during the excavation process.

How much does sewer line repair and replacement cost?

Sewer line repair and replacement costs will vary depending on the severity of the damage and the length and location of the line. On average, a sewer line repair will cost around $4,000, while a total replacement will run between $55 and $250 per linear foot of sewer line.

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