Is bundling home and auto insurance a good idea?

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When looking to save money on your home or auto insurance, bundling your policies can be a good option. Below are some tips to help you decide if bundling car and home insurance policies is right for you. 

Five Tips to Determine if Bundling Home and Auto Insurance is Right For You

  1. Evaluate Each Policy

    Not only is it important to focus on the price, but it’s crucial to compare the coverage and values of each policy, whether it’s standalone or bundled. Taking the time to compare companies, coverages and prices can help you find the best deal for both your needs and budget.

  2. Consider Deductibles and Premiums

    In addition to discounts from bundling, you want to take into consideration the cost of your premiums. Bundling policies with one company can build loyalty and trust, but you’ll want to continue shopping around to ensure you’re getting the best price available to you, whether you’re deciding on individual policies or bundling.

  3. Ensure Your Insurance Company Covers Both Policies

    Sometimes insurance companies offer bundles that pair your policies with an affiliate company, so although it may give you a discount, it can reduce the convenience of having both of your policies under one company.

  4. Understand Policy Limitations

    The immediate savings from bundling your home and auto insurance can be ideal, however, you’ll want to ensure you’re still receiving quality coverage at a fair price over time.

  5. Shop Around

    Not only should you shop around to compare individual policies and bundled options, but to also see what other companies are offering for bundled policies. Many insurance companies will offer discounts for bundling your home and auto insurance.

Pros & Cons of Bundling Home and Auto Insurance

More often than not, you’ll save money by bundling your car insurance and home insurance. Bundling also makes managing your policies easier, reducing the inconvenience of having to work with more than one insurance company to adjust or make changes. 

While you often save money bundling your insurance policies, solely focusing on the price could potentially leave you lacking in coverage. It’s crucial to pay attention to your coverage and evaluate it on a regular basis to avoid creeping rates.

SelectQuote Can Help You Find the Best Home and Auto Bundle

Auto and home insurance are often the easiest types of insurance to bundle and save on. At SelectQuote, we can help you figure out where you’ll save the most money while also receiving adequate coverage.

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