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Home Insurance and Car Insurance in Montana

Whether it’s your first time buying a home in Bozeman or Helena, or you’re simply seeking more affordable coverage for your automobile, insurance is an important purchase for protecting your investment. Shopping for home and auto insurance can often feel like a frustrating hassle, especially for the budget-conscious consumer who doesn’t have time to compare rates from several carriers at once.Fortunately, SelectQuote takes that worry off your shoulders. Our patented technology allows us to compare prices from dozens of highly-rated insurance companies to help find the best rate for the coverage you need. By bundling your home and auto coverage, you can score significant savings on your home and auto policies. Let’s look at some of the ins and outs of buying home or auto insurance in Montana.

Homeowners Insurance in

Montana homeowners should consider purchasing home insurance to safeguard their property and investments. Home insurance can provide protection from a variety of losses, such as total destruction due to natural disasters, theft, fire and hail damage.

Moreover, home insurance is critical for homeowners if they are ever held liable for any damages or injuries that occur on their property. Home insurance provides crucial financial security and peace of mind in unfortunate circumstances. Most home insurance policies fall under two categories:

  • Actual cash value policies pay out the depreciated or current market value of covered items in the event of their loss due to theft or damage. This means that if a homeowner needs to replace an item (or replace their home), they will receive the financial equivalent of what their property was worth at the time of its destruction. In simpler terms, this means the amount you receive may be less than what you paid.
  • Replacement cost policies pay the actual costs of a rebuild or replacement, minus depreciation. It’s not affected by inflation, zoning updates or increased materials or labor costs. Replacement costs policies can be more expensive, but they can offer peace of mind that you will receive more for your coverage.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage Options in

Montana home insurance policies can cover different things depending on what you purchase. That said, typical insurance policies sold in the state will include the following types of home insurance coverage:
  • Dwelling coverage is a standard policy that insures the actual structure of your home, along with any attached garages and other connected structures.
  • Personal property coverage guards against losses to your belongings, regardless of whether they are located inside or outside your home.
  • Personal liability coverage can provide financial protection if someone is injured on your property and you are found liable. It also covers damage to another person’s property.
  • Guest medical protection coverage can insure individuals who are injured at your residence, regardless of fault.

Common Causes of Loss in

Types of insurance claims can vary depending on where you live. Montana is a large state, and there are several common disaster risks that could damage your property. In 2019, homeowners losses incurred in Montana exceeded $6.9 million.1 Common Montana insurance claims include:

  • Lightning and fire damage: Fires are a common occurrence in Montana, especially during the dry summer months. Lightning storms can cause wildfires, as can human behavior.
  • Windstorms and hail damage: High winds cause significant damage to homes across the state. Montana sees an average of five tornadoes per year, which cause a significant amount of damage.2
  • Water damages due to flooding: Flooding can be a major problem for Montana homeowners, but when it happens it may not be completely covered (if it’s covered by an insurance policy at all).

Additional Coverage Options Recommended for Homeowners

Sometimes it makes sense to buy other types of home insurance beyond what a traditional policy covers. This might be because of additional risks, such as flooding, or it can be because your mortgage company has unique requirements. If you live in certain parts of Montana, you may want to consider purchasing additional coverage, including:

  • Flood insurance: Flood insurance: Many people choose to buy flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) because it is generally not a covered hazard under most home insurance policies.
  • Earthquake insurance: Much like flood insurance, earthquake insurance is an additional type of coverage that is not included under most home insurance policies. Because the western part of Montana can sees seismic activity, homes there may need this coverage.

Home Insurance Companies We Partner with in

SelectQuote exclusively works with trusted national insurance companies to help protect Montana homeowners. We shop our full lineup of home and auto insurance companies to quickly and efficiently find and compare rates from a variety of carriers. When we find the best price for your policy needs, we pass those savings along to you.

What is the average home insurance cost in ?

The average home insurance cost in Montana for SelectQuote’s customers is $109.61/month.+ Montana home insurance rates vary due to many factors, including your ZIP code, the age and condition of your home, your credit history and even the number of claims you have filed with other insurance companies.

Homeowners Insurance Discounts in

Montana homeowners may be eligible for different discounts. Some insurance companies may offer discounted rates for having few or no claims. Others might choose to discount your coverage because of professional affiliation, age of your home or because you are a new homeowner.

Bundle Your Home and Auto Insurance to Save Money

One of the best ways to save on home and auto coverage is to bundle your policies together through one carrier. You could save hundreds of dollars by bundling your home and auto insurance policies. The average annual savings for SelectQuote customers when they bundle home and auto policies is nearly $700.

Average Home and Auto Insurance Rates in

CityAvg. Monthly Home Insurance RateAvg. Monthly Auto Insurance RateAvg. Monthly Rate of Bundled Policies
Great Falls$94.04$165.74$240.37

Average monthly rates are from effective SelectQuote customer policies between 4/1/2022 and 3/31/2023.

Auto Insurance in

Auto insurance is important for many different reasons. In addition to helping pay for damage to your automobile after an accident, it also fulfills the vital function of protecting you from liability if you damage someone’s property or injure them in a car accident.Montana drivers can save significant money on their car insurance by using SelectQuote to shop for coverage. Whether you need minimum legal coverage for your vehicle or need to buy full coverage to meet the requirements of your auto loan, we can help.

Auto Insurance Laws and Requirements

All Montana drivers are required to carry a minimum amount of auto insurance to cover damage or injuries they cause as a result of a car accident.3 Liability insurance is only one of several different types of auto insurance coverage:
  • Liability insurance pays for damages caused by you if the accident is your fault. It will also pay for medical bills incurred by the other driver or their passengers. Montana requires drivers to have $25,000 of coverage for injuries per person, up to $50,000 per accident. It also requires $20,000 of coverage for property damage. This coverage, known as 25/50/20 coverage, is the bare legal minimum for drivers.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage pays for medical expenses when the other driver is at fault and doesn’t have sufficient insurance coverage. All agents in Montana are legally required to offer this coverage, but drivers may waive it in writing.
  • Personal injury protection insurance can help pay for medical expenses or funeral expenses for you or your passengers.
  • Collision coverage helps cover expenses for repairs or replacement for your vehicle if it is damaged in an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage can help pay for repairs or replacement for vehicles that are stolen or damaged by storms, vandalism or animals.

All data on average expenditures is provided by the Insurance Information Institute.

Types of CoverageMinimum State Requires
Bodily Injury Liability$25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident
Property Damage Liability$20,000
Uninsured MotoristNot required
Underinsured MotoristNot required
Personal Injury ProtectionNot required
CollisionNot required
ComprehensiveNot required
Gap InsuranceNot required

Teen Driving Laws

Teens are subject to graduated driver licensing restrictions to develop their driving skills.4 Each step of the program offers more responsibilities and privileges to teen drivers. Teens typically are subject to curfews and passenger limits with some exceptions for work, school or family. In addition, all teen drivers are restricted from using any cell phone or hands-free device while operating a car.

Car Registration Information

Registering a vehicle in Montana requires evidence of ownership—such as the title—as well as proof of auto insurance.5

What is the average car insurance cost in ?

The average monthly premium for auto insurance for SelectQuote customers in Montana is $141.21.+ Rates will vary based on several factors, including the type of coverage purchased, your ZIP code, driving history, credit record and more.

Auto Insurance Companies We Partner with in

SelectQuote partners with some of the most trusted auto insurance companies to deliver competitive rates for car insurance in Montana. We compare rates from several companies at once and prepare a report with the best possible rate for your desired coverage.

Home and Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions related to home and auto insurance in Montana include:

Do you need motorcycle insurance in Montana?

Montana motorcycle drivers do need specific motorcycle insurance. Riders should purchase coverage that meets the minimum liability requirements. The coverage limits are the same as they are for auto insurance.

Do you need mobile home insurance in Montana?

Because mobile homes are unique, they often require their own type of home insurance policy. Mobile homes are often more vulnerable to fire and wind damage because they do not have a traditional foundation. SelectQuote can help you find affordable mobile home coverage in Montana.

How does commercial auto insurance work in Montana?

Commercial auto insurance protects businesses from the financial liability that arises from owning and operating business vehicles. This type of coverage typically covers the same things as traditional auto insurance, but it can be more expensive due to the number of vehicles and drivers insured.

Is Montana a no-fault auto insurance state?

Montana is not a no-fault auto insurance state. Each driver is required to cover liability insurance on their vehicles.

SelectQuote Can Shop Home and Auto Insurance to Help Save You Time and Money

Whether you’re shopping for your first home or auto insurance policy or want to compare rates for cheaper coverage, SelectQuote can help. Our specialized process shops for insurance coverage from dozens of carriers at once to find you the best possible rate, including eligible discounts.Want to save even more? Let us shop for bundled home and auto coverage. This type of insurance can often save you hundreds of dollars.
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+Average rates calculated are based on effective SelectQuote customer policies in Montana between 4/1/2022 and 3/31/2023. Rates will vary based on level of coverage, location, age, and additional determining factors.

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