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Buying insurance doesn’t have to be hard.

At SelectQuote, we simplify the process, allowing you to compare many of the most trusted home and auto insurance carriers in just minutes.

Man sitting on his porch with his dog uses SelectQuote simple process to find home and auto insurance from his phone

How to Buy Home and Auto Insurance

Where we live and how we get around can say a lot about who we are. These choices can be a representation of what’s important to us; from emphasizing comfort to ensuring safety and everything in between. We might put a lot of effort into these facets of our lives, but when it comes to choosing home insurance and auto insurance coverage, we often aren’t as invested because it’s viewed as something we need to do, not as something we want to do.

Finding the right home and auto insurance for you, and your family, is just as important as deciding where to settle down and what car to drive. The right coverage not only protects the exterior of a home or a car, but it also protects the assets and loved ones living and riding inside.

Man sitting on his porch with his dog uses SelectQuote simple process to find home and auto insurance from his phone

At SelectQuote, we simplify the process and allow you to compare many of the most trusted home insurance and auto insurance carriers in just minutes.

What questions should I ask when getting an insurance quote?

In an industry full of jargon and technical terms, you may feel more comfortable seeking help. You should feel empowered to ask any and all questions you have when working with SelectQuote. After all, you know yourself and your situation better than anyone. Here are some questions you can and should ask to make sure you’re making the best decision for you:

How much home and auto insurance coverage do I need?

Depending on the type of insurance you’re looking for, there may be a certain level of coverage required. In most states, car insurance policies are required to include liability insurance at a minimum, but requirements vary by state. We know what coverage is needed where to ensure you’re meeting the minimum requirements. After sorting out what’s needed, we can recommend additional coverage that suits your needs.

Working with SelectQuote gives you the chance to further explain your situation, discuss assets you need covered and figure out where there are gaps in your policies.

What discounts are available to me?

From bundled home and auto insurance policies to loyalty discounts and more, most carriers offer opportunities to cut costs with special discounts. For example, if you’re shopping for a homeowners insurance policy, you might be eligible for a home insurance discount just by installing smoke detectors or a home security system.

What happens if…

Insurance is all about the “what ifs” in life so it’s important to know the logistics of how your insurance policy protects you when disaster strikes. We can help answer your questions about your coverage and process whether it’s how to file a claim, paying your deductible or receiving your insurance payout.

What deductible do you recommend?

Choosing an insurance policy is often about striking the perfect balance between the cost of your premium and your deductible. Lower monthly payments generally lead to higher deductibles and vice versa. By working with SelectQuote, you can confidently weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each.

What exclusions are part of the policy?

You can often find many exclusions in home and auto insurance policies so it’s important to clarify what is and isn’t included. SelectQuote can help simplify the process and ensure your policy has all the coverage you need without any unexpected gaps.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing home insurance or auto insurance is an important step in long term planning. By working with us, you’ll have help through the entire buying process and they’ll be able to answer any big or little questions you have along the way. SelectQuote’s licensed sales agents are here to help you find the best home and auto insurance policies for your needs.

We do the shopping. You do the saving.

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