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Finding the Best Home and Auto Insurance

We often don’t realize it at the time, but some of the best moments in life come from the simple comforts of home. We all want more of these special moments, so it’s important to make sure your most valuable assets are protected. We can help you find reliable and affordable home and auto insurance to provide all the protection you need at a price you can afford.

Know the Facts Before You Buy Car and Home Insurance

Understanding the various types of auto and home coverage can be confusing, especially for first-time buyers. We have put together a list of the most common auto insurance and homeowners insurance coverage to help you grasp the basics before buying.

Six Basic Types of Car Insurance

Bodily Injury Liability

If you are at fault in an auto accident, your insurance provider will cover many expenses sustained by injured passengers, including those not in your car, in addition to legal and settlement fees if a lawsuit occurs as the result of an accident.

Property Damage Liability

Like bodily injury liability, this type of coverage kicks in when you’re at fault for a car accident, covering parts and labor for car repairs, property inside the other party’s vehicle, and any item(s) you may have hit.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP or No-Fault)

Regardless of who is at fault in an auto accident, PIP covers most medical expenses, lost wages and funeral expenses incurred by you and your passengers. (PIP is required by some states.)

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Protection

If you are hit by a driver with either no or inadequate coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist protection pays for medical, rehab, and funeral costs incurred by you and any passengers in your car in addition to the settlement of any lawsuits caused by an un- or underinsured driver. (This coverage is required by some states.)


If you are at fault in a car accident, collision coverage pays for any damages to your vehicle, up to and including your vehicle’s cost.


A comprehensive plan covers damage to your car resulting from natural disasters, theft, vandalism, and other unpredictable events for which you are not responsible.

Four Basic Types of Home Insurance


This type of coverage pays for damages resulting from events over which you have no control.


This coverage plan reimburses you if personal items in your home are damaged or destroyed by a covered cause of loss, such as a fire. This includes clothes, furniture, sporting goods, electronics and other noted items of value in your home.

Personal Liability

If you or a permanent resident of your household cause bodily injury to—or damage the property of—another person in your home, this insurance will cover legal fees that might transpire from such events. It also provides no-fault medical coverage if someone is injured on your property. Also known as Umbrella insurance.

Additional Living Expenses

This type of coverage will pay for your lodging, meals, animal boarding, and other limited expenses in the event you are unable to stay in your home due to a natural disaster or other unpredictable events.

While this list can help you understand the basics, we can help you compare your options and find the best coverage for your specific needs in just minutes.

How can I save money when buying auto and home insurance?

The first and easiest way to save money on home and auto insurance is by shopping around. We can take the hassle out of shopping and comparing rates by doing it for you, providing unbiased home and auto insurance quotes in just minutes. We work with some of the most trusted home and auto insurance carriers and can find you opportunities to save both time and money such as combining or bundling policies.

Locking in lower premiums on your insurance, though, can be as easy as tackling your honey-do list. If you’re not ready to take on any home improvement projects or auto upgrades, working with SelectQuote can help you get the best bang for your buck. A higher deductible could potentially lower your monthly premium, and if you have a good credit score, your opportunity to save could increase. Many insurance companies portray individuals with a 700+ credit score as a positive risk, which simply means less risk often equals lower premium costs on home insurance and car insurance.

Want even more coverage?

Ask about additional coverages or umbrella insurance. Umbrella offers additional protection on properties and vehicles that extends beyond your traditional auto insurance and home insurance policies.

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How do I know if I’m getting the best deal on home and auto insurance?

Whether this is your first time buying home and auto insurance or if life changes have you evaluating your coverage, we can help you find the right plan for your current situation. We work with some of the most trusted insurance carriers and can save you both time and money, ensuring you have the right amount of protection at a price that works for you.

If you’re ready to shop for home and auto insurance, let us help. We can instantly shop all available plans in your area and, based on your specific needs, determine the best option for your family and your budget.

Woman on her laptop using SelectQuote to find the best deal shopping for home and auto insurance

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