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Bundling could save you money.

Individuals who bundle with us save, on average, more than $750!* Let us help you find your best insurance options in just minutes.

Find out why you should bundle car insurance

Why should I bundle insurance?

At the end of the day, there’s a chance bundling insurance policies can save you money. Insurance companies that offer bundling tend to give a discount on all of the policies included and working with one carrier gives you the chance to substantiate your loyalty (which, down the road, could provide even more opportunity for discounts).

Pricing for insurance rates, though, varies from person-to-person. When you shop for insurance with SelectQuote, we can share your opportunities for coverage and discounts in just minutes. Take some time to learn more about the benefits of bundling.

Advantages and Considerations of Bundling Insurance Policies


Bundling discounts vary, but generally range from 5% to 25% for each policy.

An insurance agent can review your home and auto coverage in one sitting, and you can usually manage them in the same web portal.

If you’ve made auto insurance claims or gotten tickets, having your policies under one roof lowers the chances your insurer will drop you.


It could be cheaper overall to buy from separate companies, particularly if your auto insurance is expensive.

Some “bundled” policies aren’t really bundled; some auto insurers may set you up with an affiliated company for your home insurance, so you’d lose the ability to choose your own insurer and the convenience of managing your bills in one place.

What types of policies can I bundle?

The most common policies to bundle are home and auto insurance. Bundle quotes for home and auto insurance, or other bundled packages, will be unique to each policyholder. Your opportunities to bundle insurance will likely depend on the insurance carrier and what they offer, but if you have other assets to insure, there’s a good chance you can bundle for both convenience and to save money. Examples of additional coverage include:

Motorcycle, ATV, RV

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