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American Modern is a widely recognized, national leader in the specialty insurance business. With over 50 years of experience in manufactured housing insurance, the company delivers specialized products and services for residential property and the recreational market.

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American Modern Insurance Ratings

American Modern has received high ratings from A.M. Best. We partner with home and auto insurance companies like American Modern so you can feel confident shopping home and auto insurance policies with SelectQuote.

*Scores updated August 2023

American Modern Insurance Products Offered Through SelectQuote

American Modern offers three types of insurance through SelectQuote:

Home Insurance: Home insurance is a form of property insurance that covers the loss and damage of your house and any assets in your home. Home insurance policies typically cover interior and exterior damage, loss or damage of personal items, and injury that arises while on your property.

Mobile Home Insurance: Much like home insurance, mobile home insurance can help cover the costs of repairs or replacements if your mobile home (or your personal property within) sustains damage from instances such as a fire, hail, theft, or vandalism. Structures on your lot—such as a patio or garage—will also likely be covered with mobile home insurance.

Collector Car Insurance: Car insurance is intended to provide financial protection against physical damage to your vehicle or bodily injury resulting from an accident. It also covers any liability that arises from an accident.

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By shopping for home insurance with SelectQuote, you can receive free home insurance quotes from some of the most trusted insurance companies in the nation, such as American Modern, in just minutes.

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In the time it takes to gather quotes from one home insurance carrier, we can provide free home insurance quotes from multiple highly-rated carriers like American Modern in just minutes. We’ll bring transparent answers and an abundance of information and support, helping you find the right home insurance coverage for you and your family.

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