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Home Insurance and Car Insurance in Arizona

Whether it’s your first time buying insurance or you’re a seasoned veteran seeking more affordable coverage, SelectQuote is here to help. We guide you through the process of choosing insurance policies to protect your home, vehicle(s) or a combination of both. That includes finding ways to save money on coverage, like bundling your home and auto insurance together.

Homeowners Insurance in

There are several things to keep in mind as you shop for home insurance in the Grand Canyon State, including your policy’s coverage type and the wide range of hazards faced by homes in Arizona.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage Options in

Arizona homeowners who are shopping for insurance should be aware of some key factors before they buy coverage. It’s important to know that there are two types of insurance available, named peril and all risk.

Named peril policies limit the covered causes of loss to those that are listed in the policy. All risk insurance coverage covers the largest variety of losses (freezes, collapse, fires, windstorms, smoke and more), but it excludes a specific set of catastrophes, including war, nuclear disasters and government action. Common types of home insurance coverage included in most policies are:

  • Dwelling coverage, which protects the structure of your home—including roof and walls
  • Personal property coverage that protects belongings inside your home, even if they are damaged or stolen from outside the house
  • Personal liability coverage that covers you in the event you are sued due to an injury or property damage that occurs on your property
  • Medical payments insurance that covers hospital bills and other associated costs of someone who is injured on your property
  • Additional living expenses coverage that can help pay for increased expenses such as food, lodging and more if a covered loss renders your home uninhabitable

Common Causes of Loss in

Arizona homeowners enjoy beautiful views and a warm climate, but should know that the state is at a higher-than-average risk for several types of natural disasters. Common losses that lead to massive home insurance claims in Arizona include:

  • Wildfires: Arizona sees several wildfires each year, which can lead to damage to land and homes.
  • Flooding: Because of its dry climate, Arizona is at a high risk of flash floods. The desert ground can’t soak up water fast enough during heavy rains.
  • Water damage: Heavy rains that cause flooding can also cause water damage to your home, especially if there are leaks in your roof, siding or windows. Blocked or obstructed drain lines and pipes can also lead to an increased risk of water damage.

Additional Coverage Options Recommended for Homeowners

It’s important to know if your home insurance policy pays for the full replacement cost or the actual cash value of a loss. Full replacement cost does not factor in depreciation, while actual cash value takes into account what the loss was worth at the time of the claim. Some insurance policies require you to pay for an additional endorsement for full replacement cost. Other additional coverage you should consider includes:

  • Flood insurance: Because flooding is not covered under most home insurance policies, you may want to consider buying flood-specific insurance. This coverage is available from either your insurance company or as part of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).
  • Wildfire coverage: Most home insurance policies cover fire, but you may need to buy a separate policy if you live in an area at high risk for wildfires.
  • Water backup coverage: A common addition to most insurance policies, this coverage can help pay for damage related to water backups if sewer or drain lines backup during a heavy storm.

Our Home Insurance Partners in

SelectQuote partners with home insurance companies who are well-known, highly-rated** and trusted to deliver affordable coverage in Arizona and other states. We compare rates from several insurance companies at once to help find you the best value for your budget.

What is the average home insurance cost in ?

The average monthly cost of home insurance in Arizona among SelectQuote customers is $74.96.*** This is less than the national average of $104.08.1 Your Arizona home insurance rates will vary based on several factors, including:

  • Your ZIP code
  • Your coverage limits
  • Types of coverage you purchase
  • Your credit history

Homeowners Insurance Discounts in

Discounted home insurance rates are available in Arizona for a variety of reasons. It’s possible to see homeowners insurance discounts based on:

  • Age of your home
  • Installed home security systems
  • Fireproofing improvements
  • Length of time as a policyholder
  • Low number of claims filed
  • Choosing a higher deductible
  • Bundling your home and auto insurance coverage

Bundle Your Home and Auto Insurance to Save Money

Bundle your home and auto insurance together to save an average of $757* per year on your coverage.

Average Home and Auto Insurance Rates in

The rates listed below are real monthly insurance premiums paid by actual SelectQuote customers and represent average amounts in Arizona cities. Your rates will vary based on where you live, your credit score, the type of insurance you’ve purchased and other factors.

CityAvg. Monthly Home Insurance RateAvg. Monthly Auto Insurance RateAvg. Monthly Rate of Bundled Policies
Lake Havasu City$58.57$263.36$89.10

Average monthly rates are from policies by SelectQuote customers prior to 01/2022

Auto Insurance in

Nearly 5.37 million licensed drivers hit the road in Arizona in 20192 and their 2.4 million registered automobiles all required some form of auto insurance. If you’re shopping for car insurance coverage, you’ll need to know the legal requirements. Not only will it help you be a safe driver, but it could also save you thousands of dollars in the event of an auto accident.

Auto Insurance Laws and Requirements

Arizona’s insurance requirements are similar to other states in that all drivers must carry liability insurance coverage.

Liability coverage must include both bodily injury liability insurance and property damage liability coverage. The former helps pay for injury claims and damages for other drivers and pedestrians after an auto accident in which you are found at fault. Property damage coverage pays for repairs or replacement of another person’s personal property. The minimum 25/50/15 coverage limits are as follows:

  • $25,000 per person who sustains bodily injury or death
  • $50,000 for two or more persons sustaining bodily injury or death
  • $15,000 for damage to other property

Arizona drivers must also carry uninsured motorist (UM) and underinsured motorist (UIM) insurance coverage. This insurance pays for medical bills and property damage expenses if you’re involved in an accident where the other driver does not have any or enough insurance to pay the damages resulting from their collision with you. This type of coverage also pays for hit-and-run accidents. Limits for UM and UIM coverage are 25/50.

Type of Insurance CoverageMinimum Coverage Limit
Bodily injury liability coverage
  • $25,000 per person
  • $50,000 per accident
  • $15,000 for property damage
Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
  • $25,000 per person
  • $50,000 per accident
Collision coverageNot required
Comprehensive coverageNot required
Medical expense coverageNot required
Loss of income benefits coverageNot required
Rental coverageNot required
Towing coverageNot required

Other types of auto insurance coverage are available for purchase, too. They include:

  • Comprehensive coverage helps pay for damage to your vehicle resulting from theft, fire, falling objects or storms.
  • Collision coverage helps pay for damage related to an auto accident with another vehicle or an object.
  • Gap insurance is common for financed vehicles and can pay the difference between what your car is worth and what is currently owed.
  • Towing and rental car insurance can help get your car to a repair shop and provide you with temporary transportation after an accident in which your car is out of your possession for a few days.
  • Medical expense coverage helps pay for hospital bills or medical tests after an accident for both you and your passengers.

Teen Driving Laws

Much like other states, Arizona’s teens are required to obtain a graduated instruction permit prior to getting their driver’s license.3 The teenage driver must hold this class G permit for at least six months, and they need supervised driving practice with a licensed driver who is 21 years old or older in the front seat. Teens with the graduated license are subject to additional restrictions, such as curfews and a limit on passengers.

Car Registration Information

Because Arizona requires all vehicles to be covered by liability insurance, you will need to provide proof of insurance at the time of car registration. You’ll also need to provide proof of vehicle ownership, usually by submitting title paperwork at the time of your registration.4 You may also need to put your vehicle through an emissions test.5

What is the average car insurance cost in ?

Among SelectQuote customers in Arizona, the average cost of car insurance is roughly $220 per month.**** Costs vary by ZIP code, make and model of car, your credit rating, driving history and deductible.

Our Auto Insurance Partners in

SelectQuote works with reputable insurance companies to shop for affordable auto insurance rates. We partner with highly-rated** carriers who sell more than the minimum required coverage to help you find a policy that meets your needs.

Home and Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

How do I shop for insurance in Arizona?

The best way to shop for home and auto insurance in Arizona is to make informed decisions about your insurance coverage. Shopping around and working with industry experts can help you find the best deal.

How do I shop for home insurance in Arizona?

To shop for insurance for your Arizona home, first consider the level of coverage you need. What would it cost to rebuild your home today? What about your belongings? The best way to shop for Arizona home insurance is to:

  1. Create a personal inventory
  2. Determine your necessary level of coverage
  3. Source and compare rates from several companies at once
  4. Ask about any applicable discounts

How should I shop for auto insurance in Arizona?

Keep in mind that the cheapest insurance coverage may not be the best policy for your needs. Rarely do the minimum legal coverage limits pay for the total cost of an accident. In addition, your lender may require that you purchase full coverage if your vehicle is financed or leased. Before you buy insurance, do the following:

  1. Determine your total coverage needs (full coverage vs. liability only)
  2. Compare quotes from several insurance companies at the same time.
  3. Shop around for discounts for safe-driving, bundled coverage and more

Do I need mobile home insurance in Arizona?

The state of Arizona doesn’t require you to purchase mobile home insurance. However, most mortgage companies and trailer parks do. Mobile homes are often more expensive to insure due to elevated risks of storm damage, flooding and fire.

What is the penalty for not having car insurance in Arizona?

Failure to purchase insurance for your vehicle could lead to heavy fines, suspension of your driver’s license or even the inability to register your vehicle for a full year. Penalties may increase for repeat offenses.

SelectQuote Can Shop Home or Auto Insurance to Help Save you Time and Money

Whether you’re buying home and auto insurance for the first time or shopping around for a better rate, SelectQuote can help you find affordable insurance coverage to meet your needs.

We quickly compare rates from several companies at one time to offer you competitive quotes, including bundled home and auto insurance policies to secure discounts on coverage.

Let us help you shop and save time and money today.


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*Average customer who bundles savings based on an average of new SelectQuote Auto & Home Insurance policyholders between 1/9/2020 and 1/10/2021. Individual savings may vary, and are not guaranteed. Coverages and discounts subject to state availability and individual eligibility.

**Best’s Credit Ratings™ are under continuous review and subject to change and/or affirmation. For the latest Best’s Credit Ratings™ and Best’s Credit Reports (which include Best’s Credit Ratings™), visit the A.M. Best website at http://www.ambest.com. See Guide to Best’s Credit Ratings™ for explanation of use and charges.” “Best’s Credit Ratings™ reproduced herein appear under license from A.M. Best and do not constitute, either expressly or impliedly, an endorsement of SelectQuote or its recommendations, formulas, criteria or comparisons to any other ratings, rating scales or rating organizations which are published or referenced herein. A.M. Best is not responsible for transcription errors made in presenting Best’s Credit Ratings™. Best’s Credit Ratings™ are proprietary and may not be reproduced or distributed without the express written permission of A.M. Best Company.” A Best’s Financial Strength Rating opinion addresses the relative ability of an insurer to meet its ongoing insurance obligations. It is not a warranty of a company’s financial strength and ability to meet its obligations to policyholders. View our Important Notice: Best’s Credit Ratings for a disclaimer notice and complete details at http://www.ambest.com/ratings/notice

*** Average rates calculated based on the total number of SelectQuote home insurance customers in . Rates will vary based on location, age and condition of home and other factors.

****Average rate is taken from all drivers who have purchased their auto insurance policy from SelectQuote. Rates will vary based on the level of coverage you purchase, your ZIP code, and other factors.

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